I first rode a Onewheel in 2018 and I couldn’t get enough. Once I tried it, I had to order one right away and I haven’t looked back. My first time riding with more than one other person was at an obscure North Carolina event called Floatlife Festival 2, an epic and legendary weekend in the sport, where I made a ton of friends and fell in love with the OG Onewheel community. That love remains as I work to help out more local riders however we can. The countless adventures I’ve had and new amazing friends I’ve made along the way have been a great joy in my life.

I learned early on that ‘local service and repair’ for these machines did not exist. Shipping boards back and forth to California for costly, painfully slow repair was something I could no longer stand. So I endeavored to learn as much as could from longtime riders and guys knowledgeable about maintenance. Eventually, I became a go-to guy go in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region for repair, tires, bearing changes, and other needs. This drove me to start stocking more and more accessories that people were asking me for. In late 2018, Floating Beaver Wheel Shop joined the Stokelife service network, a worldwide network of PEV (personal electric vehicle) repair specialists. This collaboration has been instrumental in utilizing best practices in regular maintenance and repair.

The bottom line is we’re here to help. Life is good on a Onewheel and we want you to enjoy the ride!!! Thank you for your support.